JOAD Information

Who we are

WaXoBe JOAD is New Jersey's largest and most successful JOAD club. Since it's founding more than 10 years ago, it has grown, through the addition of numerous coaches, into a very successful program which currently teaches in excess of 70 students per week

What we do

We teach the sport of archery, mainly recurve, but also compound, to children and young adults aged 8 to 20. We focus on the NTS method of teaching and our lessons last one hour and start with a warm-up practice conducted by some of our more experienced and competitive archers. This is followed by shooting practice which is observed by both the coaches and the advanced students. Occasionally, a single student or small group is taken to one side for a specific teaching lesson before they move back into shooting practice.

Why we do it

Because we love the sport and want to encourage young archers to achieve their dreams

How we do it

Instruction, practice, practice, practice

WaXoBe JOAD Charter

WaXoBe JOAD is an archery training program for children 8 to 20 years of age hosted by WaXoBe archery and run by volunteer coaches. All coaches are certified by USA Archery and have all attained a level 2 certification or higher. We can accommodate a limited number of student archers due to the constraints of our 20 lane range and the amount of equipment we possess. Sign-up for the beginner session is conducted via a link placed on our FaceBook page on a first come, first served basis. This link will be put up 1-2 weeks before the session starts. This is the only way we can communicate with the number of people we want to reach. The 10 week session is broken into two halves and a "300 Round" shoot is conducted on the 5th and 10th weeks. At the end of the session, after two completed shoots, student archers can be awarded lanyards and achievement pins based on submitted scores. We accommodate both recurve and compound archers, but our focus is on recurve, because this is "Junior Olympic Archery Development" (JOAD), and only recurve archery is currently competed in the Olympics. Our training will always start with a warm-up and then archery practice. We treat all students equally, even though we may work on a one-on-one basis with a particular student as needed.
Beginner students are all required to have a starter kit. This includes; arm guard, finger tab, finger sling, stretch band and a stretch tube. All of these items are necessary for the safety and conduct of our coaching sessions. We offer a starter kit, at cost, for the convenience of our new students. Returning students can just bring their starter kit from before.
Our coaches are supported by our intermediate and advanced student archers who are all students of this program with several years of archery experience. All of these student archers have competed at the state and national levels. Beginner students who have displayed both a commitment and an ability to this sport will be considered for placement into this class. This is based on coach recommendation. Coaches take multiple criteria into consideration when making this decision including; ability, attitude, mental fortitude and character.
All coaches are volunteers. We run this program because of our love of this sport and our wish to promote and encourage the younger generation. We expect that students and their parents will always be respectful and courteous to both their coaches and to other students as well as their parents. Our beginner classes start promptly at 3:30pm and 4:30pm on a Saturday. The intermediate and advanced class starts at 5:30pm. We expect students to arrive 10 minutes early in order to start on time. We also expect students to be appropriately dressed for archery instruction. So, for example, no baggy clothes or open toed shoes. Students will always bring the starter kit they were provided with. The stretch band is used during our warm-ups and the other equipment is used during shooting. It is vital for the safety both of the student and the club's equipment that the arm guard, finger tab and finger sling are brought to each lesson and worn correctly. We do ask that students practice at home with the stretch tube provided. There is only so much that can be taught in a 1 hour lesson. Students should practice the form that they have been taught in front of a mirror at home.